Saturday, October 20, 2007

Website Unredesign

Whew! Thank goodness for Google Analytics. It looks like prettyis not always better. After giving the new website redesign about a week it was obvious that the new layout and navigation design were confusing people - traffic dropped by 50%. All the CSS trickery and XHTML optimization were for naught so it's back to the old design with a few minor tweaks.

The new/old design makes more room for content by moving the navigation bar to the top of the page next to the logo. This should hopefully make it easier for people with smaller screens to be able to see everything without scrolling horizontally.

Unnecessary large images have also been removed to speed up page loading.

I can't say that this new/old design is beautiful, but it seems to work better than the version that I thought was beautiful - traffic went right back up to normal levels as soon as the new/old design was posted.

Hope you like the new/old design. Now I'm back to creating widgets...

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Anonymous said...

Here's one for your QC team :) On this page:
The descriptions for "help" and "help (easy)" should be switched.