Sunday, April 29, 2007

Baby Name Finder Released

If you're like most parents, deciding on a name for your new baby can be pretty difficult. Hopefully it will be a little bit easier with this new tool, the Babystrology Baby Name Finder.

The Babystrology Baby Name Finder is a baby name database that is quick and easy to search through for baby names, variations, meanings, origin and gender. Just type in any part of the name you're interested in and you'll instantly get a list of names and variations. For example let's say you're looking for variations on the name Adrian. Just type in "Adr" and you'll get a list of everything from Adriaan to Hadrian.

If you're interested in names from a particular ethnic origin, just select it from the origin drop-down. For example, there are over 90 Celtic names and even a couple of Hawaiian and Sanskrit baby names. There are more baby names being added all the time!

A graph indicating the baby name's popularity and rank over time will give you an idea of how unique a particular name is.

I hope you enjoy the Babystrology Baby Name Finder. Please let me know if you have any suggestions.