Thursday, February 15, 2007

Baby ticker updated - Now with optional countdown formats

Thanks to the suggestion by Elissa on Widgetbox, I've updated the baby ticker - pregnancy countdown baby ticker widget to allow people to choose how they want their countdown numbers to be formatted. By clicking on the countdown numbers you can now toggle between the following formats:
  • Days To Go
  • Weeks & Days To Go
  • Days So Far
  • Weeks & Days So Far
The widget will remember your last selected format so that you don't have to change it every time you visit the page.

Any other suggestions are welcome too.


Jamie said...

Hi! Love the ticker but can you make it so we can post them in signatures that use the BBCode format?

More specifically I'd like to post it on

Papapapoose said...

Hi jamie, the BBCode format varies from forum to forum, so I'll have to do a few tests on to see if it will work. I'll let you know as soon as I have the results.


Papapapoose said...

Hi jamie,
I had a look at your forum. It looks like a phpBB forum. I've posted the solution to get the baby ticker working on that forum. Basically the forum admin needs to add a Flash mod or turn on the ability to post with HTML. Details can be found here phpBB forum admins - how to get the baby ticker working

nfynit said...

Hello! I've been using the Babystrology ticker on a messageboard and everyone loves it. Today, there is a problem with the ticker now-it doesn't show the baby, but a error screen and the "umbilical cord". When I enter my due date of February 24, 2008 you will see the box appear and not the baby.

Thanks in advance,


Papapapoose said...

Hi nfynit... are you still having the same problem? I have not made any changes to the ticker recently, so it should behave normally. Could it be perhaps that the message board has been updated with new permissions regarding Flash widgets? Have you installed an older version of the Flash player recently?

Unknown said...

I love the ticker but I need in BBcode format :( I would like to post it on the message board I post on thanks

Unknown said...

Hi i was wondering, i adminstrate Human Age, the forum is phpbb, and for the life of me i can work out how to get it to except the html code... could you help me out at all please?