Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Peepee Teepee Launcer - Flash Baby Game

The Peepee Teepee Launcher Flash baby game that I've been working on for the last several weeks has finally been launched.

The goal is to get mommy's attention with the peepee teepee as many times as possible before time runs out.

Hint: Aim for mommy's new hairdo for maximum attention-grabbing points.

I hope you enjoy it as much as I had fun making it.


Thursday, February 15, 2007

Baby ticker updated - Now with optional countdown formats

Thanks to the suggestion by Elissa on Widgetbox, I've updated the baby ticker - pregnancy countdown baby ticker widget to allow people to choose how they want their countdown numbers to be formatted. By clicking on the countdown numbers you can now toggle between the following formats:
  • Days To Go
  • Weeks & Days To Go
  • Days So Far
  • Weeks & Days So Far
The widget will remember your last selected format so that you don't have to change it every time you visit the page.

Any other suggestions are welcome too.

Thursday, February 8, 2007

Top 10 Baby Onesie Designs for January 2007

I've posted a list of the top 10 best baby onesie designs over on a Squidoo lens. It's a collection of notable baby onesie designs that I've either created or run across the last month.

Thursday, February 1, 2007

Baby T-shirt : Baby Love

I'm happy to announce the release of a new t-shirt design: Baby Love - Like a full diaper, it cannot be contained.

The Baby Love t-shirt idea was originally inspired by my desire to express my growing feelings for my soon-to-be born baby. It's amazing that you can form such an attachment for a person you've never met. I wanted to visualize this feeling in a fun, yet meaningful way.

To convey the idea of unbound baby love I created an explosion of baby items. If you look closely you'll see teddy bears, baby overalls, baby rattles, diapers, baby pacifiers, baby mobiles, baby cradles, and more. It's quite a complex combination of baby paraphernalia with hundreds of twists and turns.

I hope you enjoy the Baby Love t-shirt. I certainly had fun designing it. You can buy the Baby Love t-shirt or a Baby Love framed print at the Babystrology Gift Store.