Saturday, January 27, 2007

New Baby Ticker Widget Released

I've been working on a baby ticker widget for the last few weeks, and it's finally done. It's a baby countdown widget that counts down how many days are left before your baby's due date. As you get closer to your expected delivery date the baby fetus will change to show the current stage of your baby's development.

I was inspired having recently seen the first ultrasound of my own baby. I was surprised at how much movement and jumping around my tiny baby was doing! I decided that this baby ticker widget had to show it too, so if you watch carefully, you'll see the baby will slowly floating around. There's also an umbilical cord that attaches to the baby!

Create your own baby ticker

You can add your own customized pregnancy ticker and add it to your own web pages, blog posts and signatures too! If you click on the baby ticker widget on this page it will take you to a page that will allow you to customize your own baby ticker, with your own name and due date.

I hope you have as much fun with the baby countdown ticker widget as I had making it!


Becky said...

Is there any way you could make a VB code? It is so awesome, but I can't use it.
Thank you either way,
Becky (superbecky79 at hotmail . com )

Becky said...

Or maybe a BBcode? I go to and it requires a code like this:


Thank you again,It is an AWESOME baby!

Papapapoose said...

Hi Becky,
Thanks for the wonderful feedback!
I've tried my best to get the baby ticker working on but it looks like the forum administrators there do not have the Flash widgets option enabled.

I can understand their decision to do this because in the past Flash had a security flaw that enabled people of dubious intent to embed malicious code in Flash files. Adobe, the creators of Flash, fixed this security flaw over a year ago, but the the "Flash is insecure" mentality has stuck around even though it is no longer true. I hope that over time forum administrators will come to trust Flash again and we'll all be able to enjoy Flash widgets such as YouTube movies and the Babystrology ticker in forum posts.

For now, you can add the Babystrology ticker Flash widget to your own blog, MySpace page, website, and any forum that allows Flash widgets.


Unknown said...

This is great! The only thing that would make it even better would be a twin option. As a twin mommy to be I would definitely great use out of it,so would many others!

Thank you for your work and time!!

Papapapoose said...

Hi Jessica, your wish is my command! Multiple baby support has now been added. Twins, triplets, quadruplets and more!

ryans_mommy said...

There are so many people I know (10 or more) that want to use this but we dont have the right code for it. Could you make an img code??? [IMG] like that? AWESOME JOB!! I am seriously sooooo disappointed that I cant use it, because its the coolest ticker I've ever seen~ no joke =) great job!

Joanna said...

I've tried to find a way to contact you about this...but I guess posting on here will be as good of a way as any.

My cute little baby ticker is having issues....I've seen lots of them on the web, and added one to my blog a few months ago. Everything was working wonderfully - loved it. Well, then recently (a few weeks ago) I noticed that my little baby doesn't stay in the little widget bubble. It bounces out - head hanging out, feet, sometimes 1/2 of it is hanging out.

Now this does indicate how I feel - this baby is taking up every available square inch he can....but it is also a little freaky. I haven't noticed other people's tickers doing this on their website.

Do I possibly just have a posessed baby :)

Check it out on my blog:

The Keplars said...
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The Keplars said...

Wow great widget! Congats. I have book marked it for my second baby. (my first was born on 7/27/07) Now I'm looking for one to count from birth up.

Kristen McD said...

This is excellent - however, the math seems a bit wonky. It claims I have 272 days to go, where my other tickers tell me 242. Not sure why there's an extra month...

anonymousdad said...

Nice! Another option that would be fun is being able to change the skin tode of the baby. Something like 4-5 shades would be cool.

Anyone know how to add this thing to a wordpress blog yet?

The Terry's said...

This widget is great but everyone I know that has it, including myself it is wrong. Like WAY off. I set it as my due date to be November 1st, 2008 and it says I have 472 days left.... SO WRONG!! haha, could you try to fix this problem?

Anonymous said...

Hello --
Please contact me ASAP. I would like to talk to you about licensing your Baby Ticker for use on our parenting website. Please write to me at:
Thanks very much!

Anonymous said...

Hello --
Please contact me ASAP. I'd like to talk to you about licensing your Baby Ticker for our parenting website. You can reach me at this email address:

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