Monday, January 8, 2007

January 8, 2007 - Baby Heaven Rain Horoscope

Heaven Rain, born to actors David Charvet and Brooke Burke, was born to talk the talk and walk the walk. Her larger than life personality will be both provocative and daring, leading her to the cutting edge in nature, sports, or business. Heaven Rain will be drawn towards where the action and energy are. Born to perform and change the status quo, Heaven Rain will need an outlet for her creativity and sociable personality. Heaven Rain will have many of the same qualities as her mom during the WildOn! days: beauty, sensuality, and drawn towards extreme sports and wild parties.

Other people born on this day:
  • Ami Dolenz, actress
  • Butterfly McQueen, actress
  • David Bowie, musician
  • Elvis Presley, musician
  • Gaby Hoffman, actress
  • Stephen Hawkins, physicist

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